I consider myself  one of the most recognized names in cannabis photography in the world. That because I was so prolific for so many years. Sharing my images and love for cannabis across the Internet. Sharing my art and images at many different websites has become a passion of mine, I hope you’ve seen and enjoyed them. I still donate some of my time to helping patients embrace the healing of cannabis; donating many hours helping chronic pain suffers whether they are interested in cannabis or not. I spent countless hours helping cannabis growers improve their growing skills, breeders improve their skills. Important to me as well  is helping all photographers improve their photography skills.  I still try to do all that. I’m no longer able to spend the time I used to due on web forums due to my health issues thus I am pursuing sharing my images here and in print; in magazines and books. I am a qualified medical marijuana patient who is using medical cannabis as recommended by a licensed physician. I have been diagnosed with, and am being treated for, chronic pain, a seizure disorder, fybromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and sleep apnea, along with things they are yet to figure out.
Recently re-built 04-2014-some stuff my not be finished yet-I think it’s still worth a look!
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You’ve reached the premier site for viewing high quality images of Mother Natures’ Splendor. This my site for sharing my Images and Art with the world, thanks so much for looking.
  This site is composed mostly of images, hundreds of them. Not only my cannabis work is displayed but images of hummingbirds,  other bird species, wildlife and scenic imagery, floral images, and fun pictures captured thru my years of wandering.   It is my retrospective, forty-some pages of my best work from the past 25 years, the present, and into the future.  I’ve contemplated doing a book for a long long time, I given up on that. With the growing interest in the Internet, and especially images on the Internet, this is now my book. It certainly has been just as much work as doing a book! On the bright side,  here they are, images you can view for free, tons of cannabis eye candy. I hope you’ll experience a completely different look at Mother Nature than what you are used too by viewing it as I see it thru my lenses, one thing I strive to accomplish. I work very hard trying to make my images different than most, unique, out of the norm, by using different lenses, set ups, and lighting.
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Creative Cannabis Imagery and Genetics  and art.
Floral, Avian, Scenic n Landscapes, Wildlife photography.