DoobieDucks’ Cripple Creek =DJ Cocoa Kush x Mountain High Jolly Bud
DoobieDucks’ Cripple Creek is a cross I made with genetics from Mountain High Seed, Fjallhoga, with his  Jolly Bud, and DJ Shorts Cocoa Kush a clone from a Cali collective I acquired and grew out in 2010 . "Cocoa Kush"–a structurally Kush hybrid of a cross between a female "Blueberry Sativa" (from the exact same seed stock that produced the mother of the "Blue Satellite"; the mother of the "Cocoa Kush" being large with some variegation and lavender/blue hues–especially on the undersides of dark leaves on an asymmetric plant often with no discernable main-stem and long side-branches–reminiscent of the original "Chocolate Thai" both structurally and experientially) crossed with the "Original Blueberry" male (a stretch-indica).                              This quasi-hybrid grows medium-height Kush-like plants with short nodes, large, dark-green foliage, thick-yet-sturdy hollow stems and tight-yet-elongated buds of swollen calyx/bract flowers completely coated in large, clear trichome of superior aromatics. "Cocoa Kush" possesses a complex-yet-subtle palate of a nutty/licorice/chocolate/tobacco blend with a creamy/floral/fruity background. The experience of the finished product is of top-shelf quality; smooth, yet with a bit more intense, "take-your-breath-away" (almost over-powering) initial experience that mellows finally to a sleepy/dreamy finish. Upon final testing, a few individual plants from the "Cocoa Kush" provided an experience and structural aesthetic very similar to the "Blue Velvet"; i.e. dense, large calyx, lavender foxtail buds that produce a very exciting-yet-sedate experience. Please note: approx. 15% of the plants from this line will sport variegated growth patterns. The other 85% will grow uniform plants with slight variation in height. Extended vegetative time coupled with early topping is recommended to increase yield, Cocoa Kush DJ Short, “this came from two Blueberry parents, the mother was leaning sativa. Flo; Original Flo is a Sativa/Indica cross (60% Sativa/ 40% Indica) with very Sativa phenotypic characteristics.” Mountain High Jolly Bud = Sweet Tooth1.1 x Blockhead, Sweet Tooth 1.1 Spice of Life-DJ Short joint project. Mostly Indica, Sativa traits occasionally show. Spice of Life and DJ Short created by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit to Blueberry.                                   Sweet Tooth 1.1 SOL 100% indica, A decade of Sweet Tooth. For the tenth anniversary edition we have prepared a very special release. The 1.1. The new original. We took the same classic Sweet Pink Grapefruit and hit her with Blueberry pollen provided by DJ Short, in the last Blueberry family production round. This Joint Project release contains 50%SPG 50% Blueberry just like the original f1. Blockhead from Wiki: SOL (Spice of Life Seeds) The mother was selected from seed developed by one crazy yanqui and the exact origins are a mystery. This mother clone line had indica-like buds on a sativa looking plant. Crossed with the same Sweet Tooth father as Sweet Tooth #3, it is distinctly different from anything on the market and lives up to its name, leaving many speechless! Tom Hill created something he called Cripple Creek years ago, I used the name before I knew he already had named a variety with it, thus I call mine “DoobieDucks” Cripple Creek.  I am the breeder of this cross which I have taken to F3 status.
Cocoa Kush................Meet the Parents...................Jolly Bud
Doobies’ Cripple Creek
Doobies Cripple Creek: High:  more Indica than I expected. Even a little couch lock in her; that depending on the smoker. It will allow casual users or chronic pain sufferers to find themselves fully involved in an activity or conversation forgetting completely about their health issues or life problems.. Great for helping improve ones quality of life. Medical:   Pain relief, I as a pain sufferer I like this one for diverting my mind off my chronic pain. Also very useful to those who sufferer from sleep and appetite problems. One good for relaxing after a stressful day at work or to get consumed in a social chat with friends.  Anorexia, Anti-Convulsants, Anti-Inflammatories, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, and Sleep issues. Aroma: Very very Sweet, hints of blueberries and chocolate, this held is smell a long time into the cure and a vacuum sealed jar let out a burst of berries and flavour when the jar was opened a year later. Taste: Sweet.. blueberry, coffee, cocoa.. Bag appeal: Short dense hard fat bottomed xmas tree type nuggets. that clunk when they hit the tray Covered with trics, very little trim.    My seed is not available until some laws change here in the U.S., very sorry to inform you of that. 
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