Doobies’ Hummingbird Cannabis (Green Pheno)
  This is one of those crosses I did where I had no real outcome in mind before doing it. I had a nice fat female Jolly Bud flowering and fresh pollen at the time from a KaliCocoaFlo male so I hooked the two up. With the great breeders and their hard work behind these rare genetics how could I go wrong! The parents were both excellent examples of nice hybrids. What I got was a real beautiful photogenic lady that was more than I could hope for as a cannabis photographer; a good example of a Sativa leaning cross containing those quality genetics I mentioned. My future plans are to create F2s and future generations to preserve the genetics. These genetics were obtained from breeder Mr. Alkaline with Kali Cocoa Flo, and Mountain High Seed with their Jolly Bud. The Jolly Bud was made into F2s by me before using them in this cross. Those I then crossed with the KaliCocoaFlo in 2010 to create the Sativa leaning multi-hybrid. There are two phenos I’ve found so far, a red stem and a green stem; you’ll see only the Red Stem here. The green stem is comparable but a “mostly lime green” leafed plant with hardly any color to the bud until late in flowering. I’ve yet to grow either out enough to tap into the genetics and different phenos they may produce. Lineage: Doobies Hummingbird=KaliCocoaFlo x Jolly Bud    Lineage:  KaliCocoaFlo=Kalimost Cocoa Kush Flo KaliMost Mist of Distruction - It's 1/3 original kali mist (pre 1999), 1/3 new kali mist, 1/3 destroyer. Cocoa Kush DJ Short, this came from two Blueberry parents, the mother was leaning sativa. Flo Original Flo is a Sativa/Indica cross (60% Sativa/ 40% Indica) with very Sativa phenotypic characteristics. Jolly Bud = Sweet Tooth1.1 x Blockhead, Sweet Tooth 1.1 Spice of Life-DJ joint project. Mostly Indica, Sativa traits occasionally show. Spice of Life and DJ Short created by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit to Blueberry. Block Head: Spice of Life Seed..Mostly Indica with Sativa characteristics.
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