Doobies’ Malawi = Malawi Gold x (MSSxSB)
Doobies Malawi ..Malawi Gold x (MssxSB)    This was created by my crossing a landrace African Sativa, Malawi Gold from a breeder pack of Afropips Seed, with a cross acquired from Head himself, his MSSxSB; Massachusetts SuperSkunk x Sour Bubble.   My hopes were that the squatty stout traits the MSSxSB exhibits would be passed on to this wide spreading Sativa, the Malawi Gold. I had previously grown out the MSSxSB several times, even creating the F2s of it used in this cross, so I was familiar with how it performed in different environments. A very stalky short plant in my grows with fat thick Bubblegum type leaves. If I could shorten the stretch of the Malawi Gold, known for its heady high, I might create a Sativa that could be grown indoors that still passed on the high it was known for.   My future plans are to create Doobies’ Malawi F3s and further generations to improve, if possible, and preserve these genetics. I have f2s that are very similar to this. Head Seed-Mass Superskunk x Sour  Bubble Mss x SB described by Mrs. H3ad as:  “H3ad made the MSSxSB from the MSS clone and Sour Bubble” Massachusetts SuperSkunk, I was told MSS is a pheno that Chemdog found out of Sensi's Super Skunk in the 90's, not sure on the exact year, but probably sometime between '91-'96. Sour Bubble: Bog informed me he did not know which H3ad used in this cross along with “Sour bubble is the Kush side of Bogbubble, which is my straight Bubblegum, but it was originally a Bubba Kush called Bubblegum coming from White Label seeds. The package said it was a cross of two indices and we know Simons BubbleGum was the mom but the male used was I am told Afghani Kush.” Afropips Malawi Gold; Malawi Gold is internationally renowned as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African Sativas around.   From the general Breeders description I find through-out the web it is still available:    “Afropips Superior first grade Malawi Gold was selected from 10 years experience with top Malawi growers for the spiciest taste & the most psychoactive clean vibrant high. The high is long lasting & has an enjoyable alert mental clarity coupled with a warm pleasant feeling that radiates through-out the body. “  Doobies Malawi…My cross exhibits many of the high characteristics noted in the breeder descriptions you’ll find for Malawi Gold and differs very little in taste and aroma as well. It is almost like it is pure Malawi Gold if it weren’t for the appearance, leaf structure and possibly the bit more dense bud it displays. I think resin content is up from the Malawi Gold and the MSSxSB.
Doobies’ Malawi
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