Doobies’ Moon Monkey Haze = OldMoonshine F3 x Monkey Haze F3s 
Moon Monkey Haze = OldMoonshineF3 x Monkey Haze F4   This is a cross I did in 2012 with two OM F2s from Bohempian to make the OM F3s used and Monkey Haze F3s seed direct from Raco in 2012 . A female MH F4 was produced by me for the cross. .  The male OM F3 and female MH F4. hooked up to create Moon Monkey Haze Monkey Haze= DeepChunk x Haze F2  Tom Hill,From Raco on  06-2012; F3s. “Monkey Haze F3.made by crossing two MHaze f2 females x 2 MHaze f2 males seeds mixed” Old Time Moonshine from IC strain guide: “the OTM is actually an F5 Blueberry. The plant finished at 68 days and grew like any other Indica except for the mutation during veg. The buds were nice and fat with medium density. The bud formation is really different from anything else I've grown. The beautiful colour developed over the last couple weeks. A really nice purple hue rather than blue. The flavour is kind of earthy/cinnamon/musky/spicy. The flavour is rather complex and hard to describe. The bud has a fairly powerful Indica couch-lock stone but nice and clear at the same time”.   Again mine came from Bohempian and I am told my OM F2s are actually Blueberry F7 I do plan on taking this strain further and preserving these genetics.
The Monkey Haze F3 female used:
..and Moon Monkey Haze by DoobieDuck
My Old Moonshine F3 male used:
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