Doobies’ DoobieDuck Rocket Bubble =(Eroc DP x HTC DC) x (Mss x SB) Coming in 2015 the F4s
Growing out summer 2015, has some fine potential..please check back for updates and images. This one many thanks my good friend Esbn and Hybrids from Hell Seed and Grat3ful H3ad
Doobies’ Rocket Bubble= (Eroc DP x HTC DC) from Esbe of Hybrids from Hell x (Mss x SB) from H3ad Seed: (EROC DP x HTC DC) Hybrids from Hell seed cross..   Description from Esbe the breeder:  ” you will find she will go very white with a lot of diesel in her. Was made with a special OG Bub Deep Chunk pheno with a lot of skunk notes in it. The dad was Blue Hempires’ E-Rocket (erdbeer x alpine rocket, both swiss classics) and our local Danish Passion, an old Passion#1 adjusted to Danish climate since the early 80ties. Called "Rocket Chunk" due to its great yields and heavy skunky chunky stone. “ H3ad Seed (MssxSB) This is Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sour Bubble. Mss x SB commented on by Mrs. H3ad:  “H3ad made the mssxsb from the Mss  clone and sour bubble Sour Bubble; Sour Bubble BX3: Sour Bubble- Bog-”A very unusual bubblegum derived from my Bogbubble gene pool. This is my most potent strain. Sour Bubble promises to be my best medical strain to date. Flowers in 49-55 days”  Re: Sour Bubble ..the Mss x SB from Bog “I don't know what he (Head) used. Sour bubble is the kush side of Bogbubble which is my straight bubblegum but it was originally a bubba kush called bubblegum coming from white lable seeds. The package said it was a cross of two indices and we know Simons bg was the mom but the male used was I am told afghani kush.
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Doobies’ Rocket Bubble
Doobies' Rocket Bubble