California Valley Quail-Imagery by DoobieDuck
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This page under construction, thanks for your patience. More images soon and into the future..Jeff
The California Valley Quail have been a favorite subject for my imagery for years. I have too many images to share them all here with you, so sorry, so you are getting the best of and some new pics I’ve recently captured. More too in the future as I feed a large covey here at home to keep them close for my imagery. The large pair of quail image below was used as a resource for California Artist Roby Baer in her work seen to the right of it. Click on her work and it will take you directly to her site where you can purchase prints of the amazing likeness she created from my image..she’s very talented. She has as well many other nature images along with others that were created from my originals. Best wishes Roby in your future as an artist..Jeff